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This is for the Covid-19 fabric exchange.  This is optional.  You do NOT have to do the fabric exchange to do the Covid Quilt.  Here is the info in order to participate in the fabric exchange:

Dig into your stash and be prepared to exchange fabric with (up to) 80 quilting friends.  For each exchange, you will provide: 
     (1) 2-1/2"x20" strip
     (1) 1-1/2"x20" strip
Your total fabric outlay will be less than 4-1/2 yards -- but don't forget that you will also have to plan for postage costs to send ONE flat rate envelope with your fabric strips to Stitchin' Tree 
506 Walker St
Woodbine IA  51579

You will be exchanging fabrics with 80 quilters, which means that you will have to cut (80) 1-1/2”x20” strips and (80) 2-1/2”x20” strips of fabric to share, for a total of 4.444 yards.  note -- this is equivalent to (40) strips that are cut in half on the fold.

You will send all (160) pieces of fabric to Stitchin’ Tree.  Mail the package by July 27.  The strips should fit in a Flat Rate Envelope, keeping your postage costs under $9.  We will make copies of your information sheet and provide copies with each fabric set (one 1-1/2” and one 2-1/2” strip) shared with others.  You will receive a package by return mail that includes (80) fabric sets and information sheets from other quilters. 

You will cut a variety of colors.  Depending on the fabric selection that you signed up for, you will be cutting a minimum of (5) 4” cuts (1-1/2” + 2-1/2” strips) of each of the following: 
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Teal/Turquoise 
You can choose to cut (5) strips from the same fabric, or choose (5) fabrics from each of the color ways.