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About Us

To own a quilt shop has been a dream for many years. With encouragement from my husband, Tom, I decided to take the leap. 

So with the help of family and so many wonderful friends the dream became a reality on September 1, 2011.

The Sweet Darling Quilts name came from the light of my life-my granddaughter, Jillian, who I've called Sweet Darling since she was born. 

The day to day operation seemed so easy and enjoyable.  Our girl, Lynn Herndon, now lives on the other side of the state, but does the remote work. I can truly say it's our store.

Michaela Schaller came on board November 2012.  She brings love of quilting, her customer service and her expertise in crafting to help make SDQ one of the friendliest quilt shops in the Tampa Bay area.

Dawn Sims joined our team in January 2015.  She has such a sense of color and coordination.  You can't help but smile when you hear the "Southern accent".  She has left us for Jacksonville, but we do get to see her occasionally.

Ann Troutman joined us in 2016.  She is a Judy Niemeyer certified teacher.  Paper piecer extraordinaire is her bio.  Her happy, joyful mood can make anyone have a good day. 

Kim Neighbors, a good friend, has moved to the area from Atlanta and retired from Home Depot in 2016.  She now hangs out at the store, doing what retailers do and teaches classes, too.

Sherilyn Rehm had joined us in 2017 for Wednesday mornings and some Saturdays. She left us to go back home with family.

Patti Dolac joined us in August 2017.  She seems to be our best customer.  Her husband told her that she has to bring home at least $1 of her pay.  We appreciate that!

Becky Dohr is now a teammate.  She recently retired from her stressful job at the end of 2017 & now works with us at her fun job.  She is our Civil War/Reproduction queen.  She loves working in wool, also.

Since Janet Bos volunteered to help us move, all of us at SDQ knew she would be our next team member. As of 2022 she came on board. She is great at hand applique.

We have numerous volunteers who are happy to "step to the plate" whenever needed.  I am so very blessed!

                                                                                      Cathleene Tokish